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We, the “Saale-Elster-Kanal-Förderverein” are an association supporting the reconstruction of the canal to the rivers Saale and Elster in the East of Germany.

The construction of the Canal was drafted in 1926. It was meant to connect Leipzig with the river Saale near the village of Kreypau. Work started at Burghausen near Leipzig in July 1933.

With a breadth of 36 metres and a depth of 3.5 metres, the Canal was destined for ships of a capacity of about 1,000 tons to transport goods on the river Saale to Leipzig (Lindenau Harbour).

Because of the war, the construction work was stopped in February 1943.
No less than 11.5 km of the Canal were finished. Of the remaining 7.5 km, a length of 3.5 km would have been ready to be flooded. The construction of a two-step lock had also been begun but today there are only the ruins of a lock hulk near the village of Wüsteneutzsch. The two-step lock is the biggest step-lock in Germany.

We, the members of the “Saale-Elster-Kanal-Förderverein”, are standing up to demand the completion of the Canal including a new type of boat lift so that the Canal can be used by tourists. We are oriented, here, by the “Millennium Link” by means of the Falkirk Wheel in Scotland, the first and only rotating boatlift in the world.

The aim of our campaign is to draw together water sports people, tourists and water freaks at the completed “Saale-Elster-Kanal” between the Saale River and Leipzig, for it would mean a link, too, to the new lakes south of Leipzig which have resulted from the former open cast mining area there and near the cities of Halle and Merseburg.

If you want to assist us, please contact our Association under and become a member!

Übersetzung Text: A. Martin Steffe, Fremdsprachendozent,

by Saale-Elster-Kanal Förderverein e.V.